Cable Clam

CCX Series Thru-Dex® Waterproof Fittings


CCX Series Thru-Dex® Waterproof Fittings


  • Entry hole pre-drilled in seal with slit to edge allowing feed thru of cable with factory installed connector attached
  • Multiple glands cover a wide range of cable sizes
  • One CCX fitting required per cable
  • Cable Size Connector
    0.47" - 0.59" Large Radar Plug (1.57" Dia)
    0.35" - 0.55" Small Radar Plug (0.83"Dia)
    0.18"- 0.35" PL-259 BNC Plug (0.83" Dia)

    Price: $45.99
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    Manufactured by Chetco Marine Discounts

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