• High-Strength Elastic Polyurethane Structural Adhesive
  • Sikaflex-292 is a truly non-sagging, high strength, permanently elastic, polyurethane structural adhesive. Typical uses include bonding deck to hull, bonding bulkheads, toe rails, shower stalls, cabinets, and port⁄hatch frames to hulls⁄deck. Also bonding of wood or metal floors to subfloor or metallic frames, bonding of exterior or interior panels and walls, and bonding of trim and moldings. Although it will be difficult, should it ever be necessary to remove a bonded fixture, the permanent elasticity of Sika 292 makes it one of the easiest structural adhesives to cut with razor wire.


  • Adhesion to a wide range of substrates; excellent weather and water resistance
  • Permanent structural adhesive for deck-to-hull, toe rails, etc.; it can replace rivets, screws, welds and other mechanical fasteners
  • Permanent elasticity makes it ideal for bonding, especially dissimilar materials
  • Very fast skin-over (30-45 minutes), high initial green strength
  • Especially effective for large gap-filling applications - due to its outstanding non-sag property
  • Bonds very well to itself and other cured polyurethanes
  • Very short cut-off when terminating the bead; less mess
  • Dispenses and holds even large triangular beads
  • Tools with soapy water; do not use alcohol
  • Use with Sika Cleaner 226 or Aktivator (better) for enhanced performance, or also scuff and use Sika Primer 206G+P for maximum performance with widest range of conditions and substrates
  • Please refer to the Sika Primer Chart, on the Sika Industry USA website, for specific application information for both products and substrates
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